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Developing a Brand Strategy Plan

A branding session at Tech Ally Denver, August 19th 2022

My colleague Dave Hiebeler and I met at a business meetup back in 2019. I was doing a workshop on buyer personas, and we had a great conversation on their value as an essential part of any marketing strategy. Since then, we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship sharing and discussing all things marketing. I think we both genuinely respect each other's work, experience, and knowledge in the industry. Last month, Dave reached out and encouraged me to do a session on brand strategy at Tech Alley Denver on August 19th. At first, I was reluctant, as public speaking is not exactly my safe spot or even a strong suit. However, after some encouragement from Bill, I realized it would be a positive experience for the attendees and myself... I hope! So there you have it, I will be sharing one of my fav subjects, Brand Strategy. aka "Brandoloy."



I have done gobs of branding work over the years, and it's a subject I feel passionate about, as it seems so misunderstood by many. In my experience talking with entrepreneurs and business leaders regarding branding, the conversation immediately turns to logos, colors, and look and feel. All true! But really, that's just the tip of the iceberg. A brand is much more than a wicked logo and jazzy fonts, it's about the emotional response or gut feeling one has when interacting with your organization. For example, how do you feel when I say Comcast, Facebook, or Patagonia? Regardless of your response, whether it be positive, negative, or indifferent, you do have a response. That response and the response of others, in essence, make up what your brand stands for.

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Branding is the art and science (and hard work) of establishing a narrative that resonates with the felt needs of your potential customers or your tribe. In my session, I will be sharing some of the strategies and practices your business or startup can undertake to build and optimize your brand. We will be chatting about all kinds of fun things like brand obituaries, your only, brand archetypes, and buyer personas. Then will discuss how to put these tools and strategies into practice. Join me if you can. I would love to see you there! To sign up, click here and add your email address to the RSVP section.

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