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Tom Fellner, a Denver brand consultant, founded Bryt•Idea Consulting to provide best-of-class brand strategy consultation for Denver metro and surrounding areas, including; Arvada, Aurora, Englewood, Centennial, Commerce City, Lakewood, Littleton, Westminster, Thorton, and more.

Your brand is the foundation of all your organization’s messaging and communications. An effective and successful brand strategy authentically aligns your organization’s purpose, values, mission and should resonate deeply with your desired audience.

Bryrt•Idea helps unpack your brand core values to craft a brand strategy that will provide the foundation of all future marketing initiatives and campaigns. Learn about how Bryt•Idea Consulting can help build your brand.

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Developing a Brand Strategy Plan

Understanding your brand at the root level is essential to fulfilling your organization's mission and purpose.  Your brand is more than just a logo and mission statement, it represents who you are and what you endeavor to be. Ultimately, your brand is not what you say – it's what your customers say it is.  Bryt•Idea works closely with your team to unpack your brand core values to craft a brand strategy that will provide the foundation of all future marketing initiatives and campaigns. We then work with your team to translate your brand archetypes into a compelling and consistent marketing message that resonates with your desired audience.


Comprehensive Brand Strategy Development

Brand Discovery

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Brand Archetypes

Buyer Personas & Journeys

Organization Name & Tagline

Marketing Message

Why your Brand is Critical

If you are a start-up business, the most important part of your business plan is your brand development. Your brand describes:

  • How you want your customers to perceive you
  • How your relationship with your customers is developed
  • Internal Operating Procedures: your values, vision and mission statements
  • Employer/Employee relations
  • Standards & Expectations: online presence and communications

If you are an existing business and need a brand overhaul, we can help you develop a solid brand image while preserving the best elements of your existing brand.


Case Studies

In order to free up time to focus on overall business growth, Sunshine Home Services contacted Bryt Idea to provide fractional CMO (chief marketing officer) services.
Breckenridge Lands from Breckenridge Colorado redesigns its antiquated website with the help of Tom Fellner from Bryt Idea Consulting.
House of Hope Vision school is a Palestinian organization dedicated to strengthening Palestinian civil society with holistic elementary education for marginalized children.
Holy Land Trust approached Bryt•Idea Consulting in the fall of 2019 to help facilitate a recasting of their brand message.
Problem: A digital marketing agency struggles with creating an efficient and effective customer on-boarding process.

Organizations Helped & Supported


What People are Saying...

Tom made building and designing our new website and CRM solution an absolute breeze. He not only has outstanding technical skills, but his UI/UX guidance and design intelligence were superb. And, in addition to all this, he stewarded our project workflow with humor, clarity, and ease. The whole process was so fun and satisfying, that I forgot we were actually working.

Thea Lavin // Board Member // House of Hope Vision School

Working with Tom on our brand strategy and website has been an extremely positive experience. His high level of expertise and professionalism was impressive. The brand strategy session was probably one of the best, if not best, organizational development sessions I've ever experienced.

Sami Awad // Founder Holy Land Trust //

Tom helped our organization go through the process of understanding who we are and how to communicate that message to our clients.  He's insightful, easy to work with, and provides solutions that help tell a story to connect with future clients.  I highly recommend Tom and his people to help build your organization's platform.  

Andrew Braner // Chief of Staff at U.S. House Of Representatives //

Tom has been a great resource and was able to maintain dual roles for the entire time I worked with him. Tom is a great technologist who managed and maintained the entire Mac infrastructure here.

Robert Lefebvre // Operations Systems Manager //

Tom has a tremendous capacity for understanding how web and media can address small business marketing requirements. He also has a solid track record for implementing successful web and Internet strategies. His straight-forward approach to business needs coupled with his no-BS communication style makes it a pleasure to work with him. Kick the geeks to the curb - get Tom to set your online compass heading and you'll sleep better at night.

Bill French // Founder and Chief Analytics Officer //

Tom has done some incredibly impressive work across multiple business sectors in the RockyMountains. Growing your business is their primary objective and they have quite the portfolio of successful ventures.

Jack Taylor // Business Specialist // Frisco Workforce Center

Tom is a terrific businessman and entrepreneur. I am impressed with his products and services. Mostly, I am impressed at how his associates respect and relate to him. I would recommend Tom and his company to provide you with the solutions you need for your online marketing needs.

Brian Richmond // Agile Coach / Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant //

Tom is a trusted IT partner. He helped me navigate the development and upkeep of a event website on very quick turnaround. Despite my lack of experience and knowledge in the area, his patience and guidance as I stumbled through the process was commendable.I appreciated his quick response time and always friendly attitude. I was very happy with the results as was the market audience. Tom is a great person overall!

Cat Alletto // Founder //

Tom was a great resource in helping us define our audience.  He led a very effective brand strategy process!

Michael B. Connolly // Executive Director //

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