Breckenridge Lands Modernizes its Website Presence

# Tom Begley, owner of Breckenridge Lands, approached me asking for help on a complete redesign and modernization of website.

Breckenridge Lands Modernizes its Web Presence


Breckenridge Lands has been the premier developer of residential neighborhoods, custom homes, and commercial properties in the Breckenridge area since 1958. As the original developer and operator of the Breckenridge Ski Area and one of the largest private landowners in Summit County, Breckenridge Lands has strong ties to the local community and a well-established reputation for responsible development.

Tom Begley, the owner of Breckenridge Lands, approached me asking for help on a complete redesign and modernization of the website. The original website was launched more than a decade ago and was sorely in need of an overhaul. The primary issues included:

  • Obsolete content and photography
  • A non-mobile architecture (not responsive)
  • The inability to scroll and add new content on each page.
  • And let's face it, the website was 13 years old; that's 100 in human years! Not only did it look old and antiquated, its code was extremely deprecated.


I was excited to start working with Tom and looked forward to revamping and create a best-of-class, modern website for his company. 


One of the new website's primary goals was to showcase the beauty and majestic scenery of Breckenridge. The home page banner image was specifically crucial in capturing the spirit of Breckenridge Lands. We chose to work with Jeff Andrew from Jeff Andrew Photography, who provided a stunning photo of Breckenridge's town, with the Ten Mile mountain range in the background. Other professional photography of recent land developments were utilized. Yet some photography didn't exist, so I set off with my trusty iPhone and snapped some images to include in the website. 

Breckenridge Map Illustration

The map on the old site was grainy, blurry, dark, and hard to read. It was also inaccurate and obsolete. Tom asked me to recreate it, allowing me to brush up on my illustration skills from years gone by. My illustration tool of choice has always been Adobe Illustrator. This time around, I decided to try a new app called Affinity Designer. I must admit, I was impressed with the power and capability of the program. Even though it lacked some features, I was ok with that, given the one-time price of only $50! Ultimately I was able to create a map that's a dramatic improvement over the old one.


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There was plenty of great content from the old website providing a rich narrative of the history and legacy of Breckenridge Lands, but some of the content needed to be revised and restructured to better tell their story intuitively and succinctly. Working with Tom, together we edited the old website content, taking into account the company's new developments and vision.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization was nonexistent on the old website. As part of the website development process, basic onsite SEO was provided, adding researched keywords to content, metadata, image descriptions, and links. A Google My Business and Yahoo Business page was also created and verified, giving the website greater visibility in search.

The Result

Working with Tom Begley at Breckenridge Lands was a positive experience. The result is a best-of-class website, with a modern look and feel, intuitive information architecture, updated content and photography, optimized for search engines, and ready to meet the future needs of Breckenridge Lands.


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