Case Study: Customer Onboarding

# A digital marketing agency struggles with creating an efficient and effective customer on-boarding process.

Problem: A digital marketing agency struggles with creating an efficient and effective customer on-boarding process.

Imagine That is a full-service digital marketing agency offering a wide range of digital marketing, as well and web development solutions for their clients. When Tom and Jeff started the business back in 2008, they utilized whatever free software tools they could find to run the business. 

For client on-boarding, which included, various meetings and phone calls, proposals and contracts, they used standard office suite applications to manage the process. This worked fine initially but as the company grew, and its products and services became more numerous and complex, the current onboarding process just wasn’t cutting it. It became time-intensive, complex and arduous, often taking hours or weeks. Pricing information and deliverables were all kept in multiple documents and constantly revised. Over the years inconsistent pricing and deliverables were a common challenge. Often meetings with prospects were long and unproductive or commonly turned into multiple meetings, resulting in lost sales.

This was hard enough for the owners Tom and Jeff to manage, but almost impossible for new hires to understand and decipher. Tom knew that a more efficient and effective onboarding process needed to be developed, something that would create greater onboarding efficiencies and optimize prospect conversions.


The Solution

Tom used Systems Thinking strategies to better understand the current situation and develop a process that achieved the desired results. He also researched best-of-class, cloud-based automated workflow solutions that would best meet company needs. Over some time, an optimized onboarding process was developed that:

  • Minimized redundant prospect communications,
  • Created a highly effective client vetting processes, 
  • Integration of all products and pricing into a centralized cloud database,
  • Dramatically reduced time to produce proposal and contracts by 75%,
  • Simplified and automated the onboarding process allowing team members to be successfully trained,
  • And most importantly, maximized client acquisition


By analyzing the current situation, and implementing best practices in problem-solving, Tom was able to make a dramatic improvement to one of the most important aspects of company operations, ultimately playing a critical role in its successful growth.

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