Free Brand and Marketing Audit

# Receive a free, no-obligation, and professionally prepared audit to help identify your brand and marketing strengths, and blind spots.

Free Brand & Digital Marketing Audit

Receive a free, no-obligation, and professionally prepared audit to help identify your brand and marketing strengths, opportunities, and blind spots. Audit includes:

  • Website Performance & User Experience
  • Brand Messaging & Reach
  • SEO Performance
  • Lead Optimization
  • Social Media Reach
  • Content Performance

Once we receive your request, you will receive your professionally prepared no-obligation audit via email within 3 business days.


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Once you receive your brand and marketing audit, a free 1-hour consultation to review the results is available upon request.

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Bryt•Idea is a consulting collective with a vision to help organizations fulfill their mission and purpose. Bry•Idea provides cost-effective marketing and brand strategy consultation with an additional focus on process innovation and digital transformation.

Tom has been a great resource and was able to maintain dual roles for the entire time I worked with him. Tom is a great technologist who managed and maintained the entire Mac infrastructure here.

Robert Lefebvre // Operations Systems Manager //

Tom has a tremendous capacity for understanding how web and media can address small business marketing requirements. He also has a solid track record for implementing successful web and Internet strategies. His straight-forward approach to business needs coupled with his no-BS communication style makes it a pleasure to work with him. Kick the geeks to the curb - get Tom to set your online compass heading and you'll sleep better at night.

Bill French // Founder and Chief Analytics Officer //

Tom has done some incredibly impressive work across multiple business sectors in the RockyMountains. Growing your business is their primary objective and they have quite the portfolio of successful ventures.

Jack Taylor // Business Specialist // Frisco Workforce Center

Tom is a terrific businessman and entrepreneur. I am impressed with his products and services. Mostly, I am impressed at how his associates respect and relate to him. I would recommend Tom and his company to provide you with the solutions you need for your online marketing needs.

Brian Richmond // Agile Coach / Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant //

Tom is a trusted IT partner. He helped me navigate the development and upkeep of a event website on very quick turnaround. Despite my lack of experience and knowledge in the area, his patience and guidance as I stumbled through the process was commendable.I appreciated his quick response time and always friendly attitude. I was very happy with the results as was the market audience. Tom is a great person overall!

Cat Alletto // Founder //

Tom was a great resource in helping us define our audience.  He led a very effective brand strategy process!

Michael B. Connolly // Executive Director //