Online White Boarding

# How remote collaboration just got a lot easier.

Is Remote Collaboration Effective?

I’ve always been a bit skeptical of remote working. My years running Imagine That has shown there are distinct advantages of on-site collaborative teams regarding problem-solving, innovation, and ideation. This is backed up by studies that show on-site teams come up with better ideas, create greater camaraderie and culture and collaborate better than remote teams. The downside is they are less productive. That’s why at Imagine That we gave our team opportunities to work at home so they could focus, with fewer distractions. A great advantage we had over remote workers were huge whiteboards that allowed us to freely visualize and problem-solve complex challenges for our clients and the company. 

Enter online whiteboarding.

A friend recently made me aware of online whiteboarding, specifically I must say, I was impressed. The sophisticated tools and flexibility of the platform are pretty impressive. It allows remote teams to achieve most, if not all, of the collaborative advantages of on-site teams. When you add the tremendous travel cost savings, It's obvious to see that Mural and other platforms like it are a force to be reckoned with for collaborative team ideation, project management, and productivity.


Still, there is something very powerful in face-to-face communications that can easily get missed with remote communication solutions. The slight expression on one's face, body movement or hand expressions are powerful forms of communication that can bring valuable insight into the performance of your team if one has the emotional intelligence to see it. That said,, and platforms like it bring remote team's collaborative success to levels not seen before. 

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