# We Help Fulfill Your Mission & Purpose

Our Values

We believe in the power of collaboration to solve problems

By fostering environments of empathy, mutual trust, and respect, our goal is to create win-win solutions that benefit the whole. We develop leadership structures that empower teams vs dictating them.

We believe in Creativity, Innovation, and risk-taking

We will always challenge the status quo and ask the question “Is there a better way? We encourage positive change and challenge the “we've always done it this way” mentality.

We believe in the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity.

Never settling for the norm, we challenge harmful systems,  injustice, and suffering. We work diligently to develop teams and systems that make real change that benefits humanity.

We believe in the power of compassion to change the world

We will always side with compassion vs fear, and avoid the call to denounce the “Other”. We see the best in people.

Why We Exist

We live in a world that often times seems in crisis. War, poverty, injustice, racism, corruption, and oppression are all around us. How do we even begin to confront these challenges? All over the world cause-driven organizations, business and non-profits alike, work diligently to address these challenges. Some our in our backyard working to make changes in our neighborhoods and communities, others work tirelessly around the globe to change the lives of people we will never know. They do this not simply for financial gain but to make the world a better place for all of us. Bryt•Idea’s mission is to help these cause-driven organizations make their message known, optimize their processes and create greater impact in fulfilling their mission and purpose.

tom-mug2.pngFounder Tom Fellner

Byt•Idea was founded by Tom Fellner. Tom has been a leader in the creative and marketing field for over 25 years. starting his professional career as a graphic designer at Schreiber Foods, Inc. headquartered in Green Bay, WI. As Tom’s role at Schreiber progressed, he gained expertise in a variety of disciplines including; database development, website development, videography, and process management. He was instrumental in transforming manual, labor-intensive processes into automated, streamlined, digital workflows. Eventually, Tom moved into the position of Graphic production team leader, responsible for the overall workflow efficiency and speed to market of projects for the Creatives Services Department.
Version 2.0
Eventually, in 2007, Tom and his wife Wendy, moved to Colorado to start "version 2.0" of their lives. Shortly after, Imagine That, Inc. was founded with business partner Jeff McElhatten. It was an exciting and transformative time as the business evolved from a web development company to a full-blown wholistic digital marketing agency. Tom’s leadership and Jeffs tenacity and resilience helped Imagine That grow year over year to become the premier marketing agency in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

"Imagine That was never a business created just to make money, but to be “Business as Mission". Our goal was to impact our community and the world for good.” - Jeff McElhatten. 

With this as a driving force, over the years Imagine That has provided brand and marketing expertise, and helped support, numerous humanitarian projects, non-profits and entrepreneurship initiatives in Summit County and abroad. Some of the organizations that have benefited from Imagine That's brand and marketing expertise, and financial support include:

Today Tom is capitalizing on 25 years of experience, successes (and failures!) to create a consulting collective dedicated to helping non-profits and cause-driven companies succeed and fulfill their mission and purpose.